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What's a Retro Magician?

I have always had a love and appreciation for the past. Magic in particular has a rich and colorful history. The retro aesthetic from the 1970s and 1980s is one I find particularly appealing. As a child of the 80s, part of it is nostalgia. I love comics and retro video games (such as Pinball, Classic Arcade, and Atari)!

I'm an artist, writer, comic creator, inventor, husband and father of four boys. I have created and published numerous comic books including my graphic novel, The Scientists.

As someone with such a diverse range of skills and interests, magic is one of the few disciplines I've found that brings them all together.

I thrive on using my creativity. My original magic inventions such as X-finger, The Fifth Assistant, and Little Climber Man have earned me acclaim from some of the top magicians in the world. When David Blaine was preparing for his television special, he asked me if he could use a trick I had created.

He said,"This looks like what real magic would look like." 

I created the Mail Order Mysteries Show to bring together my passions for magic and comics. I wanted to capture the whimsical and irresistible style of the marketing that demonstrated the potential of these curiosities that had sparked my imagination as a kid. It was those promises of fooling my friends and making audiences gasp in amazement that set me on the path to wanting to be a magician in the first place!

"This looks like what real magic would    look like." -David Blaine

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