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My Shows

Smile Like You Mean It


Stand Up Magic

Experience the jaw dropping magic and side splitting comedy that Geoff has honed at comedy clubs, cruises, festivals, and private parties over the past 25 years.

His high energy show is all killer, no filler. Packed with crowd pleasing and signature routines. The modular nature of it makes it possible for him to accommodate a wide range of venues and show lengths.

The spontaneous moments interacting with audience members make every performance unique.


Cocktail Magic

That moment when you see that look of astonishment on their face is what magicians live for. 


Magic that happens right in front of your eyes and in your hands creates memories that will stay with you and your guests forever.

Geoff can mingle with crowds or add the perfect touch for a more intimate gathering.

Shows: Shows

You won’t have to wait 4-6 weeks for delivery! Make your event unforgettable by booking ‘The Life of the Party’.


Geoff Weber's Mail Order Mysteries is a show unlike any other! It is a multimedia experience that combines hilarious magic with the history of the magic and prank novelty business.

You will marvel at:

  • X-ray glasses that really work!

  • Amazing Live Sea Monkeys perform tricks for you!

  • The Hypno-disc puts the whole audience in a trance!

  • Charles Atlas secrets that enable remarkable feats of strength!

  • And much more!!!

What if the novelty items in comic book ads were REAL MAGIC?

"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets"

Ludwig van Beethoven

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